We’re excited to announce the beta launch of Upvest Fees endpoints for Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The fees provided by these endpoints come from data obtained from a number of external fee sources, and have undergone additional smoothing to produce a very reliable result. This also means that these endpoints are self-healing, such that they are able to return reliable fee data in the event that one or more of the data sources are unreliable or unavailable.

The following is a sample response from the Ethereum endpoint:


For Ethereum, the transaction confirmation speeds are defined as follows:

  • Fastest: next block (i.e. <30 seconds)
  • Fast: below 2 minutes (<10 blocks)
  • Medium: around 5 minutes (<20 blocks)
  • Slow: below 30 minutes (a.k.a safe-low, <120 blocks)

These endpoints are currently at the beta release stage, but can be actively trialled. We welcome any feedback.

Check out our docs for more information on how to calculate transaction fees, and also our blog post for this feature.